Sunday, December 06, 2009

Move along, nothing to see here

Tomorrow, I promise.

Last Week

6 blocks for Baby Convoy
Sharpee rolls for Danielle and Nic
Marker Rolls for Hannah and Julie
Crayon Rolls for Braiden and Katherine

Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Sub Foley pm.
Wednesday - Optometrist
Thursday - Craft Fair baking - pm
Friday - Cubs (bring snack)
Saturday - ASEP Craft Fair

This Week

Dinner Menu

Monday - tacos
Tuesday - stromboli
Wednesday - fried rice
Thursday - pork chops
Friday - pigs in blankets
Saturday - mac and cheese
Sunday - crock pot chicken and stuffing

Finish up rolls for Christmas
Cut out winter quilt

Mail gifts to Canada
Tuesday - PTO Christmas party
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Lunch with Kathy
Saturday - CVCS Cookie Store
Saturday - Cub Scouts Toy Drive

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