Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That list! Where's that list?!

Oh, over in the sidebar. Why can't I stick to it? This past week, instead of cutting out the winter quilt that is the next thing on my list (and that I really do want to work on) I cut out all, and sewed many of the blocks for Lisa and Jon's baby quilt. I like it, I do, but I really want to work on that winter quilt! Oh, and I also found more(!) flannel downstairs, more even than I came across in that box. In fact, I found a 5 yard piece of a very pretty pink floral that I sewed into a back for (list item # not-even-on-it) the string quilt top. It's been very cold here this week, below zero overnight, and I want a flannel backed quilt for the couch. And now, thanks to my refusal to stay on task, I shall have it. :o)

I remember the purchase of many of the 1 yard pieces of flannel I came across this week. There was a store kinda/sorta close to where we lived in Ontario called Kitchener Textiles. It was on Strange Street, just across the town border from Waterloo, where we lived. They got the most gorgeous flannel plaids in all the time, and I'd buy a yard every time I went in before our move here to Vermont. It seems I went in A LOT. In my mind, Vermont in winter required a plaid flannel quilt. I can even still picture the quilt of my imaginings - scrappy squares and HSTs in every luscious plaid available. Someone had brought theirs into the LQS up the road from us in St. Agatha (both the name and the shop are long gone) and I had to have my own. That was at least 10 years ago. Maybe it needs a spot on the list too, for next winter.

Tomorrow morning, demolition experts from Idaho will be imploding the 1700 foot center section of the Crown Point Bridge. How exciting! I went down and took a before picture, tomorrow's wordlessness will be a picture of its absence. It was a nice bridge, but it's time has come. We'll watch it go down, sip some cocoa, snap a pic or two and come home to snuggle in for a frozen New England Christmas. (It's supposed to be 45ยบ and raining on Saturday.)


Wilma NC said...

But it's such a pretty bridge. Is the new one built yet?

Dorothy said...

The bridge is pretty, isn't it? There is no new bridge yet, this one was closed suddenly is October when it was discovered that the underwater deterioration was happening about 20x faster than expected. It's a 100 mile trip around the lake to the south, about the same to the north, and the ferries, when they're running add 2 hours or more to a commute. NY and VT are working on a ferry to run 24 hours just south of this bridge, but it isn't ready to go yet. And a new bridge is probably 2 years off. Plenty of angry folks around here...