Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Where was I?

Oh, right, Sunday. I was beat, but knew I needed that menu at least.

Last week - I had an optometrist appointment on Wednesday. 3:30. I got home just after 6, and the office is less than a 5 minute walk from my front door. This is a new doctor, the old guy retired this past summer. And though I love him, I think it was time. Apparently I've spent the past few months (since the summer) wearing the wrong prescription glasses. And the past 15 years(?) wearing the wrong type of contact lenses. Oh, and my retinas could detach at any moment. Screeeeeaaaachhhh! What?! It seems that because of the severity of my myopia and the slightly egg-shaped nature of my eyeball, my retinas are fairly seriously tensioned and at increased risk of tearing or detachment. "You;ve likely had this condition since you were 8 or 9 years old. No one's ever told you this?" Uh, no. And doc, what should I a) be watching for and b) do when/if I experience it? So now I know. Watch for flashes or "black snow" (drop what I'm doing and call him) or a veil over my vision (don't bother calling, go directly to the Retina Guy. "And that would be...?") Sheesh. Talk about drama! So far, though, it's just been a great excuse. "Oh, I need to vacuum, but my retina's are feeling a little stretched." "Careful! My retinas!" Very exciting, living on the edge like this!

Thursday and Friday I hung out in the school kitchen and baked (dinner rolls, cinnamon buns, cookies) for the Craft Fair on Saturday, and Friday night was Cubs. Stupid me had jumped up to offer to bring snack at the previous meeting, mostly to get the requirement out of the way, not remembering, of course, that I'd be super busy last week. Whatever. I made cupcakes, and Daniel and I decorated them. Creepy? Heck yeah, but the pack of 6 year old boys thought they were great. :o)The Christmas Countdowns went up on Tuesday. Since I didn't have one for Daniel before this fall, it's been 6 years since Tori and Simon got their chocolates. They are very pleased to see the tradition resurrected. Of course they are! And Ryan whose mom cut them out for me, is pretty fond of it too, I suspect.

Saturday was the Craft Fair. Lots of lookers. Buyers? Not so much. But it was fun, and I have stock for next year! ;o) I can choose some of the crayon rolls to send to nieces and nephews, save a little bit of sewing there. And the rest I'll offer next year. I sold most of the purses. My friend Jackie bought one for her god-daughter (she only has boys) and carried it around for the afternoon. Free advertising.

And on Sunday, I did nooooooothing.


heather said...

Love the creepy cupcakes!

Warty Mammal said...

Wow. Sounds like kind of a stressful optometrist visit. It's the sort of thing which leaves one feeling unsettled.

Great cupcakes!