Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh look! Sewing!

This little January quilt is giving me fits. Not because it's hard, it's not really. And I guess truthfully, *I* have been the source of the frustration, more than the quilt. I've had a headcold for a few days now, but refuse to give in. So Sunday's straightforward seaming became Monday's tedious unsewing. We'll blame the Dayquil for that. Monday I gave in and started pinning. I never pin. But I did, pin, pin pin. Sew sew, sew. Press, press, press. Swear, swear, swear.

Had I looked at the pattern as I laid out blocks, I'd have realized the corners should be WAY easier than I was trying to make them. I had assembled (yes, pinned, sewn, pressed) the first corner with a single Lady of the Lake block. Teri's Krank It Up layout uses two blocks in the corner, with half blocks back to back to make the point. Much nicer look, and so much less brain strain than trying to figure out what a 1/4 LoL corner filler should be.

I've ordered one of these for myself for my birthday. Truly, it's more practical than the Keurig brewer I wanted - easier access for me to copious volumes of caffeine is probably not in ANYone's best interest just now.

And (there's more?! I know, right?) I've been assembling the simple Square upon a Square blocks (is there a real name for this block?) for my sister-in-law Lisa and her husband Jon's baby boy, due in March. My plan all along has been to add a white sashing between these blocks, and I'll probably still do that, but gee I like the way these look, all jammed up against each other! The layout either way will require just a little planning to spread out the green and the stripes, but random otherwise suits me just fine.


Anonymous said...

Both quilts look great. Belated happy birthday!

Quiltnbee said...

I like the arrangement of the squares right now =-) I think it will look cool for a baby with the white...or without, too!

Amy said...

You picked a great block for that baby. I've seen this one called "Bright Hopes."