Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a Week!

Next Week

Quilt all tops lying around! (yes, that means you too, string quilt)
begin piecing Silent Auction quilt

Simon Orthodontist Tuesday
Hair appt Wednesday

Sub Foley pm Wednesday - changed
Daniel Cubs Duck Box building Friday pm - postponed
Daniel Cubs Duck Box install Saturday am - postponed

Well, that was a week! My sub plans for Wednesday afternoon only, became Monday, Wednesday, and Friday plans instead. Needless to say, I did not get all three tops quilted. One.

January is quilted, bound, and hanging in my mudroom. The baby quilt, Happy Happy Happy, is layered with a cute dino-pony print. Tori thinks it's giraffes, but their legs are too short. I have had this flannel for a long, long time - I think I bought it to use as the outer layer for cloth diapers I (didn't get) made for Simon before he was born. He'll be 15 in April. I had yards of it, maybe 3?, and even with this quilt backed, there's a piece left over. I'll add it back into the mysterious flannel stash and let it age another 15 years or so.

The Silent Auction quilt is next, and I believe I'm going to use the small stack of crazy pieced blocks I made last fall. It's a completely different direction than where I thought I was going, but that's fine. Many of my quilts appear in my head, fully assembled. The job is making them reappear through my fingers. I think I'm up to this challenge. I'll need more, there's only 12, and I think the extra ones will be pieced with smaller pieces. Or something. Details to follow.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Jan 31 - Feb 13

Sunday - Roast Chicken
Monday - Chicken Rice Soup, No Knead Bread
Tuesday - GROUNDHOG DAY!! Meatloaf (heh)
Wednesday - Quesadillas
Thursday - Barbeque pork in the crock pot
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Mac and cheese
Sunday - pork roast
Monday - Italian Wedding Soup, garlic breadsticks
Tuesday - ravioli
Wednesday - brats and home fries
Thursday -stew and biscuits
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers

Quilt baby quilt and string quilt
begin piecing Silent Auction quilt

Friday - Cub Scout duck box build
Saturday - Cub Scout duck box install
Begin taxes


Greg said...

Meatloaf on Groundhog day!! Hmmm If ol' Phil sees his shadow will you be making meatloaf outta him? I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring.

Dorothy said...

Oh Greg, you haven't been here long, have you? Every year I make a little meatloaf groundhog, with legs and a head, even little ears. My 16 year old is totally disgusted by the whole idea and refuses to play along. the boys and I, we just pour on the ketchup... ;o) There's probably a picture if you go back a year or two.