Friday, January 29, 2010

I had lunch today with my friend Kathy. Yea! I love going out for lunch - doesn't even matter where.

My mom could probably count on one hand the number of time she's gone out for lunch. For her, food is fuel, and going out is dinner. For my dad, it was even more specific. Lunch was always a sandwich, and going out was Chinese for dinner. The thought of paying someone to make you a sandwich would, I suspect, be completely unfathomable to either of them. Like paying for a bottle of water, or air for your tires. Why on earth would you?

We didn't even go out that often for dinner. And when we did, it was always Chinese. One of my first memories is of asking for french fries at a Chinese restaurant. It couldn't have been my first time there, since I knew I didn't like Chow Mein and egg rolls.

And breakfast out? We won't even begin to say what's wrong with THAT idea! (I love breakfast out, too)

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marilyn said...

That post brought a smile to my face. We
had a place not too far from home where
there was always a line for carry out fish
and chips. My Dad would wait in the car
and I would stand in line. That was our
dinner out. Believe it or not it really was
a treat.