Sunday, February 14, 2010

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Last Week

Quilt string quilt
continue piecing Silent Auction quilt

Monday - Tori tech rehearsal 5 pm
Tuesday - PTO
Tuesday - School Board unification meeting
Wed-Sat? Tori FCS play
continue taxes

So, that was a productive week, huh? I even made it to the gym Friday and Saturday (and this morning too!) Good thing, because Tori was just pulling some cranberry muffins out of the oven when I got home.

So the string quilt is a quilt. It's not bound, but I did find some fabric to use for the binding and I'll get that cut and sewn on later today. As I was trimming it, I found plenty of ravelled edges and small worn through spots (probably where it was folded) so it got cut back a little in size. No big deal, though, it's still a great couch size. I think this must be the largest thing I have ever quilted on my machine, bigger than I thought, and bigger than I found enjoyable. But it's done, and that is what matters. Now I can throw myself full tilt into the auction quilt.

Have I mentioned exactly *what* this auction is? Our elementary school, like every other school in the country, has had to make some dramatic program cuts in order to afford to pay teachers and heat the place. "Frills" like drama or art residencies, visiting authors and musicians - they are all very expensive and not specifically tied to testable curriculum. It's not right, but it's reality. Our PTO has chosen to step forward with financial help to keep these programs alive as much as we can, and last year was our first venture into this kind of targeted fundraising. We had a Talent Show and Silent Auction with a food concession. The kids provide the talent (some of it HUGE), local artists, businesses, artisans, and friends of the school provide the auction items, and much (most) of the food was donated by school families and local stores. The show draws them in, the food makes them stay (and pays the bills) and the auction generates the big bucks. Last year we made just about $2500. And it was fun! This year - March 13th. I'm gonna see if there's some way to post auction items online to reach a wider group. So much of this artistic talent is so spectacularly awesome, it's a shame not to share. Maybe facebook...

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Feb 14 - Feb 27

Sunday - Chicken Cordon Bleu
Monday - Pasta Fagioli and garlic breadsticks
Tuesday - Pancakes, bacon, hash browns
Wednesday - Shepherd's Pie
Thursday - Spicy Tangy Chicken Thighs
Friday - lasagna
Saturday - Stromboli
Sunday - Pork Loin roast and Gnocchi
Monday - Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese
Tuesday - ? Tori cooks
Wednesday - ? Simon cooks
Thursday - Baked mac and cheese
Friday - ? Daniel cooks
Saturday - pizza

Bind String Quilt
continue piecing Silent Auction quilt

Monday - Daniel Valentines Party
Tuesday - Mardi Gras
Wednesday - Tori Oral Surgeon
Thursday - Principal chat @ 6:30
Friday - Blue and Gold ceremony
continue taxes

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