Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sewing? Not today

Unless Daniel is home sick again today (he spent yesterday moaning on the couch) I don't think I'll get a stitch sewn. No problem. Tuesdays are my volunteer morning in the school library, and after lunch I think I'm going to head over to the new gym that just opened last month. Because I *know* people, I was able to get in on the school employee deal, and have a great program available to me until the end of April. I'd intended to go over yesterday, but Mr. Fever-head had other plans. No biggie.

I belonged to a Ladies Only gym when Tori was a toddler, and I loved working out on the weight machines. Even if I only do that, it'll be worth the little bit I'm paying. I can take classes as well, if I want, but I'm not sure about what's offered and at what times. Hence the visit today. Reconnaissance.

Then home, get a few chores done, make dinner, gather my things together and head out to a PTO meeting at 6:15. I need to put together some sign-up sheets (food, help, equipment) for the concession at the Talent Show next month. Last year went well enough for a first year, but we ran out of water, and could have used a little more help cleaning up. So there's that to be done as well. But first, I think I ought to get dressed...

Edit - well, I went upstairs to get clothes and make sure everyone was awake, and red-cheeked thick-voiced Daniel met me at the top of the stairs. Another day home. sigh. So no gym, but I can sew.

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