Monday, February 08, 2010

As threatened promised

So. This is where I started... twelve 6 1/2" crazy scrap blocks made for...? Dunno. Scrap reduction, no doubt. I made them last autumn, when I should have been working on Tori's quilt, or Craft Fair items, or any one of a hundred *productive* things, but I wanted to make some crazy blocks, so I did. They went into the project box reserved for things with no specific purpose. yet.

I was wandering around the internet, looking for something to spark an idea, when I came across, of all things, a picture of Ronald Reagan. Seriously. (I'm not a fan) This will not be a Ronald Reagan quilt, this piece has nothing to do with the man (with the possible exception of the crazy) however, there was something in the picture that plucked a string... The Reagan was 9 identical images, laid 3 x 3, but coloured sort of a la Andy Warhol - bright splashes of colour over the black and white images. I wish I'd bookmarked it, or saved a copy, but I didn't.

I considered leaving the crazy squares as they were, making more, and setting them with sashing. I yawned. Given the choice, my quilts are made of smaller, rather than larger blocks, so I took those 6" blocks and cut them down to 3" (2 1/2" finished) MUCH better!

And then I started making more. A 3" crazy block is fast - generally no more than 4 or 5 pieces, and they use up lots of little bits. This is a GOOD thing. I counted blocks until I got to 100. There are a few more than that now, I'm making them as leader/ender bits.

I've started re-assembling them, this time into 7 1/2" blocks. They'll get bordered in black too, but I'm not sure yet if that border will be 1/2", 3 1/4", or wider still and skip the sashing. We'll see, I guess. If I go with a skinny border, I'll use something different for the sashing. What? No idea.


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

red. use red for the borders.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

btw...these look great!

Dorothy said...

I'm not sure yet, about that sashing/bordering. I don't think it will be red, though. I'm really not a big fan of red and black together. I'm going to get all 20(?) blocks made up, then lay them out on the black and see what that looks like. If it's too much, I'll cut more skinny strips and just frame them in black, then figure out what to do for the sashing.