Thursday, February 11, 2010

A string thing

So the string quilt, the STRING QUILT!! is layered in anticipation of a long enough stretch of time to quilt it. I quilt in the way, in the kitchen, so I need to pack up and put away when I'm not sewing. No big deal, but I hate to do it when I'm free motion quilting. So...

Here's a few pics of the fabric. This is most definitely a scrap quilt. I'm no professional (anything, actually) but something tells me this quilt dates from the 40s. Why do I think that? Dunno. Some of the fabrics look like 30s prints (the bells, specifically,) but some of them seem more modern than that, like those leaves and the paisley.

The weave of some of them is quite coarse, those blue and white children are printed on what feels like homespun - are they older than the bells? The striped one looks very much like shirting. And then there's that wild pink and grey floral. Almost all the strips are pieced together to be long enough. This is a practical quilt made by a practical woman, I suspect. It's machine pieced onto an old sheet, I think, cut into large squares. The edges are starting to fray, and there are a few spots on it that may or may not come out in the wash when it's done. It is not a masterpiece, but I consider it a treasure. And I wonder why it was never finished.

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Quiltnbee said...

It looks a lot like the feedsack quilts I have...which the coarser homespunny fabrics may very well be in this...I love it, just the kind of quilt that calls my name. This one makes me smile =-)