Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update

Last Week

Bind String Quilt
continue piecing Silent Auction quilt

Monday - Daniel Valentines Party
Tuesday - Mardi Gras
Wednesday - Tori Oral Surgeon

Thursday - Principal chat @ 6:30 oops
Friday - Blue and Gold ceremony
continue taxes

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!! I can wake with the sun, instead of before! Technically, since I don't work full time, this isn't really any big thing, but with the kids off school, it kind of is anyway. No one needs to be anywhere at 8:00 am, I don't have to get dresses in the dark... ahhhh, nice.

Since the deal here is that when you are on vacation, if you aren't working, you "get" to make dinner one night a week, and since Daniel wants to get in on the deal, then woohoo! I get three nights off. I don't actually mind cooking - it's the knocking off whatever I'm doing to move into the kitchen that annoys me. So this week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, I don't have to. Those kids do need to figure out what they're cooking, though, so I can make sure to have everything they need.

No sewing to show, not yet. I'm about halfway to getting those crazy 9 patches done, at which point I can choose which sashing fabric looks best and get the top done. March 13th approacheth. And then it's time to re-do the list!

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Feb 20 - Mar 6 (March!)

Sunday - Pork Loin roast and egg noodles
Monday - Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese
Tuesday - Shepherd's Pie (Tori cooks)
Wednesday - Pigs in a blanket (Daniel cooks)
Thursday - Baked mac and cheese
Friday - Burgers and Fries (Simon cooks)
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - pork chops
Monday - potato bacon soup
Tuesday - meatloaf
Wednesday - spaghetti
Thursday - Spicy Tangy Chicken Thighs (I didn't make these last week)
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - fish or chicken nuggets and chips

finish Silent Auction quilt top

Tuesday - Tori, Simon, Daniel dentist
Wednesday - Hair appointment
finish delivering ACS Daffodil Days forms
continue taxes

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