Saturday, March 06, 2010

I want

I have a folder on my desktop labeled "I want." In it go pictures, web-links, documents of things I want. There are no flat screen televisions in that folder. Also not a single car, or hair style, or piece of fancy jewelry. So what's in there? Some interesting plants, some interesting planting ideas... the Grow Bags from Gardener's Supply I posted a week or so ago. There's a lot of green in that folder, outdoor quiet places that I want. A lot.

There's a lot of whimsy in there too, ideas for unexpected locations for little things - sculpture hidden in the bend of a path, a tiny elephant on the top edge of a book case. And there's this. Totally impractical, absolutely wonderful. I want.


Wilma NC said...

I want that too, lol.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

i can imagine siting at that table...yesssss i can!

Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

I'm with your other commentors. LOL. I WANT!!! I am putting in a koi pond this spring through.