Sunday, March 07, 2010

Last Week

Layer and quilt Stained Glass Window - 1/2 done

Back to School!
Wednesday - Simon orthodontist
Friday - collect ACS Daffodil Days forms
Friday - Daniel Scouts
finish taxes

In a week that shouldn't have had that much to do, I sure didn't get much done! I ended up working Monday and Wednesday afternoons, which threw off my rhythm a little. And gee, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I just didn't feel right. Not sick, but not well, and it was hard to motivate myslef to do anything beyond what ABSOLUTELY had to be done.

I did find time to get the backing (and sigh, batting) for the Auction quilt pieced, I even got about half-way through quilting it. Today I'm throwing some beef and veggies in the crockpot for stew, Poppin' Fresh is taking care of biscuits, and I'm going to get that quilting done. If I can get the binding on too, that'd be great. I'm working tomorrow and the class has double "specials" in the morning which means I have almost an hour and a half of free time I could use to hand stitch binding down. There's a goal to work toward today.

But first, I need to get to the gym. I haven't gone since I grumped my way around the circuit on Thursday, and today, I actually feel like I might want to work out. Have to take advantage of that feeling before I jam it back down with a doughnut or something.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Mar 7 - Mar 20

Sunday - Stew
Monday - Italian wedding soup, no-knead bread
Tuesday - tacos
Wednesday - omelets and bacon
Thursday - macaroni and beef
Friday - pizza
Saturday - *something in the crockpot - talent show night!
Sunday - Sweet & Sour pork with rice
Monday - tomato soup, grilled cheese
Tuesday - Chicken sandwiches
Wednesday - Spaghetti
Thursday - Daniel's Birthday - Chicken Cordon Bleu, buttered noodles, corn on the cob
Friday - calzones
Saturday - burgers

Finish Stained Glass Windows

Monday - Sub 1N am, 3W pm
Tuesday - PBSI meeting 3:10
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Tuesday - CG meeting
Wednesday - Hair cut
Thursday - McGuire conference 7:30
Friday - In service - no school!
Saturday - Talent Show
(Sunday - collapse in exhaustion)

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