Monday, March 01, 2010

Managing time? ha!

I sat down this morning, with the intention of re-introducing some time management strategies. I was doing great too! I had the laundry done by 7:30 (well, the last load was in the dryer when I took the kids to school.) Stopped in to say hi to the kitchen ladies and visit with my friend Jackie who got back late last night from ten days in Ireland. I was back home by 8:45, got the dishes done, cleaned up the kitchen and family room, and at 9:20 sat down to do an hour or so of paperwork. At 9:45 the phone rang. It was Jackie (she's a secretary at school) asking if I could sub Wednesday afternoon. Yup! A few minutes later, the phone rang again - could I come in at 11:30 to take over for a teacher who needed to go home sick? Absolutely.

So much for my time management. I got the project I was working on (ugh, taxes) to a point where I could comfortably save and quit. I peeled some potatoes, chopped an onion, shredded some pork and heated up some stock so that supper could simmer in the crock pot while I was gone. I packed a lunch, and headed to school. Home at 3, wasted an hour on Facebook (an hour I couldn't really spare,) made some biscuits, sat down to dinner. Realized I needed to pick up a prescription (at 5:50 - store closes at 6), raced to the pharmacy. Came home, again, ate dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, sorted coupons, made a shopping list and realized I have no idea WHEN I can actually get to the grocery store (it's 40 minutes away.)

Tomorrow is volunteer day in the library, gym for an hour and a half in the afternoon. Wednesday morning Simon has an orthodontist appointment, and I'm working in the afternoon.
Thursday I'm having lunch with Kathy followed by another session at the gym, and Friday is collection day for the American Cancer Society Daffodil Days orders. AT some point in there I also have to meet with the owner of the local pizza place to try to wheedle out a donation of a dozen or so pies for the Talent Show March 13th.

I wonder if I can piece the backing for that quilt while trotting on the treadmill?

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Warty Mammal said...

YES! You can be a superwoman! You can do it all! The dishes, the toilet cleaning, the laundry! All before 6:30 a.m.! That is, as long as you don't expect to ever do anything else and you don't mind having it all undone by other parties by 07:00 a.m.

Pass the Xanax, please.

(Written by someone whose nice, new, towel bar was bent by a small child slamming open a door into it.)