Monday, April 05, 2010

8 weeks

There are 8 weeks between today and Memorial Day, and I will be 14 lbs lighter. That's the plan? No, that's the deal. I've set up my gym membership for automatic withdrawal every month so I can't forget to pay it, and then oops! I've lapsed so I can't go anymore. Nope, not gonna do it. I've discovered that sugar plays some friendly havoc with my digestive system (nothing painful, just, um, gassy) and I've recognized that I feel much better without it, so...


Yesterday's weather was soooooo gorgeous, and I think today will be the same. I got the front corner of the yard raked, and cleaned up the flower bed. Got out the loppers and cut back some brush, too. Diane gifted me with another pot of bloomed out hyacinths, and 2 more pots of mini daffodils. All the hyacinths are in, and I think I know where the daffs will go as well. I've scouted out a spot for the daylilies my friend Beth is giving me, and those can go in anytime. Yeah, I love spring!

Rain should be moving in tonight, and sticking around until the weekend - maybe I'll even get started on Danielle's quilt! Only if it's raining though - I can't bear to spend this glorious weather inside. Now, my coffee and I are going outside to watch the sun come up. Ahhhhh...

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