Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's done!

Last Week


Sew 30 minutes every day
finish Tori's prom dress

continue Danielle's quilt


Sunday - Mother's Day
Tuesday - Simon Orthodontist
Tuesday - PTO
Wednesday - Daniel baseball game
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Thursday - Daniel Field Trip - Shelburne Farms
Thursday Daniel - Game Club
Friday - Daniel Baseball Game
Saturday - Tori prom

plant flower box for end of driveway
gather materials for garden frames
plant daylilies from Beth (if I get them and the soggy ground allows)

I had to go back and edit the end of the driveway planter - I hadn't done it, but decided it would be the perfect spot for some volunteer pansies, nasturtiums and ?? (zinnias, maybe.) Free, and better than that, done.

Tori's prom was last night, and her dress, yeah! was finished. Sewing it, I remember why I gave up garment sewing when she hit about 2nd grade. Satin taffeta wasn't a great welcome back, but it's done. She liked it, she said she got lots of compliments, and it's DONE!

Did I get anything else done this week? It would appear not. But that's okay. I worked a couple of days, and the money will be nice - this is a spendy month. I'm working 2 more days this week, same pay period. Yahoo!

Saturday we are (probably) having a yard sale. There are a number of families along this stretch of Main Steet having sales that day - it would be prudent to get in on the momentum. But with a busy day Thursday, and working Friday, well maybe it won't happen, and that's okay. It's a long summer.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - May 16 - 29

Sunday - Ribs
Monday - Quiche, salad
Tuesday -ravioli
Wednesday - pancakes
Thursday - mac & cheese
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - BBQ pork sandwiches
Sunday - meatloaf
Monday - make-your-own salads
Tuesday - fried rice
Wednesday - Lasagna
Thursday - pork chops
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers


Sew 30 minutes every day
continue Danielle's quilt


Monday - Daniel baseball
Tuesday - Sub Foley
Thursday - Tori Wisdom teeth
Thursday - Simon permit retest
Thursday Daniel - Game Club
Friday - Daniel Field Trip ECHO
Saturday - Daniel Baseball Game
Saturday - yard sale

price and organize stuff for yard sale
gather materials for garden frames

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Kim said...

Hi Dorothy...I can't believe how fast time has gone. Tori is all grown up and beautiful. Great job on the is gorgeous! John and I still have the pic of Tori and Cooper in our basement...good times. I went quickly went through your blog but couldn't find an updated pic of Simon...just the one of him at the age I remember him. I look forward to reading your blog. Kim