Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yeah, so much for that nothing week I had planned...

Worked yesterday, spent longer than usual at school today. I'm scheduled to work again Thursday, too.

I've been plodding along on Tori's dress, which I must say is turning out nice. It's double the work, though, since it is fully lined! Two complete dresses, sewn more-or-less separately, then sewn one inside the other. All slidely fabric, all ravelly, all purple. Yikes. It'll get done though, I'm on to the skirt(s).

I learned something today that has made me very happy. It's probably old news to everyone else on the planet, or at least every stitcher within a day's drive. Ami Simms Alzheimer's Art Quilt exhibit will be at the Shelburne Museum this summer! I'm so excited! I'm SO going! Before school gets out! By MYSELF! Yeah!

Back to the sewing machine - the purple monster awaits... (and I have a meeting tonight, so no sewing after supper)

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

pictures of the dress? please!!!