Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey, howzabout some pictures?

I'm up early, let's take the camera for a walk. Veggies, or flowers? Hmmm... how 'bout flowers today, veggies tomorrow?

Ah, sweet Astilbe. Hard to photograph all those gorgeous little pink flowers. Grows like a champ, doesn't mind the acidy pine soil or the fact that the robins seem to love using it for target practice.

Next, one of the new daylilies. Blooming is good, it means everything's working. :o)
The Seven Sisters climbing rose has just about knocked itself out blooming. The scent is incredible. Why are these last few late blooms red - everything else is fuschia!
A few years ago, my friend Jackie gave me six Evening Primrose plants. Six. I guess they like it here.
Wait a second... wha? Ooooh, Collie Flower! ;o) More tomorrow.

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