Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last Week


Sew 30 minutes every day
continue Danielle's quilt


Wednesday - Daniel Baseball game
Thursday - Simon BRACES OFF!!!
Thursday - PTO meeting 7:00
Thursday - Project Grad meeting 6:00
Friday - Daniel Baseball game
Saturday - Day of Baseball

Finish planting front corner bed

Finish weeding front yard bed
weeding, watering!

So.. yes, I've sewn. Danielle's quilt is growing, though not really growing on me. Not yet, anyway. That will pass, I'm sure. I don't hate it, but I don't love it yet either. A few more blocks to get that geese effect going and I'll be fine.

I think I'm going to eat my words, this summer, and make Nic's quilt a (gulp) Disappearing Nine-patch. I saw a picure of one today that wasn't so bad ;o) and (though I hate to say it) I don't think that any additional effort on my part will garner any additional appreciation on his, soooo...

Today, though, is not raining (it's been wet here) and something (grrrr), probably Corn Cut Worms, has chewed off my little corn plants at the ground. I need to see if they are savable, or if I need to replant. That's today's job.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - June 13 - June 26

Sunday - grilled pork chops
Monday - make your own salad
Tuesday - BBQ chicken sandwiches
Wednesday - spaghetti and garlic breadsticks
Thursday - omelets and bacon
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - lasagna
Monday - Salad, quiche
Tuesday - Tori Cooks - ??
Wednesday - Simon Cooks - ??
Thursday - Sausage fusilli
Friday - Daniel cooks - ??
Saturday - hot dogs, potato salad


Sew 30 minutes every day
continue Danielle's quilt


Tuesday - Last day of school!
Wednesday - Simon retainer fitting
Friday - Cub Scout step-up
Friday-Sunday - Vermont Quilt Festival

Replant corn
Finish weeding front yard bed
weeding, watering!


Greg said...

Nice work on the quilt. Even if you don't like it, the soon to be owner will and I do.

Anonymous said...

If you are feeling a little uninspired by the disappearing nine-patch, consider the disappearing four-patch. I had never heard of it before, and it's pretty cool. Here's a link I found: