Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, there's your problem

And I couldn't be happier! The truck's fixed (and I did it!) A $15 (including gratuity) diagnosis from (added to my most favourite websites!), a $5.02 (including tax) fusible link, an hour or so of my time, and YEAH! my truck runs. Scott called me from the dealership and sounded a little disappointed. He's convinced the beast is unreliable, I consider it a means to add to my skill set. I love that I can fix things, LOTS of things, myself.

With the $24,994.98 I saved, I think I'll get AAA. Make us both happy.

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

yeah for you!!!! i am going to save that website for ben, he has 'something electrical' going on with his car too. unless you want to come over and fix it for him?