Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last Week


Sew 30 minutes every day
continue Danielle's quilt


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - drive Tori to work
, Friday - pick Tori from Work
Friday - Unified Grant meeting

Friday - Lunch with Kathy
Friday - Costco with Wendy
Saturday - Firefighter's Muster

So the week that had less planned ended up with even less to do! Kathy couldn't do lunch Friday, then Wendy called and said she was going to take her daughter to Costco instead, and with the quantities she was picking up, space was at a premium, so... I stayed home and pulled weeds. The whole (food) garden, with the exception of the strawberries is cleaned, for now. It's a constant process, though from here on, it's probably a once a week thing, not an every day for a week thing.

I need to sit down and sew every single day. I really do. I want to finish the blocks for Danielle this week. I'm beyond halfway, with all the foundations drawn for the rest. I have a pile of strips, though not enough, and this week, I have no other obligations on my time, so SEW it is.

My truck is dead. Hopefully not terminal, but gee I wish I knew a mechanic who'd be willing to point me in the right direction to try everything *I* can before I write yet another check. It's electrical, I've figured that out, and my next step is to (on the advise of both the internet and a "professional" (the guy at AutoZone) trace the wires back to the starter and tap it with a hammer. Seriously. I don't think it's the starter, though. My instinct is telling me it's the ignition. The headlights work (so it's not the battery) but putting in the key does nothing. No dash lights, no interior lights. Even the power locks and the "hey you left your lights on" bell don't work. So power is coming off the battery, and stopping almost immediately. I've checked fuses, I've checked the wires as best I can. Next stop is a Nissan online forum, and then... the mechanic I guess.

Hey no pictures? Guess not. Tomorrow.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - June 27 - July 10

Sunday - grilled chicken
Monday - picnic in the park
Tuesday - Tori cooks - ??
Wednesday - Simon cooks - ??
Thursday - Daniel cooks - Sloppy Dogs
Friday - pizza
Saturday - lasagna
Sunday - Hot Dogs, Apple Pie!
Monday - pizza in the park
Tuesday - burgers
Wednesday - Simon Cooks - ??
Thursday - chicken parmesan
Friday - Daniel cooks - calzones
Saturday - mac & cheese


Sew 30 minutes every day
finish blocks for Danielle's quilt


Sunday - VQF
Monday - Scott dentist
Monday - band concert - Strawberry Social
plant rosemary
redo planter by mailbox
clear bed at front of house, begin retaining wall in corner

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