Saturday, July 03, 2010


So... yesterday I drove Tori out to a friend's and got a little, mmm, sidetracked on the way home. I've only been out to Survivor Greenhouse once this year. Well, twice now *grin.* He's preparing to close for the season at the end of the month, so the sales have started, and gee, I hate to miss a good sale. So I didn't.

I came home with a new lilac (white), a new peony (also white), three 4" annuals, six 6 packs of smaller annuals (to liven up the pots and planters), and 2 lovely blue delphiniums. For $38. Everything is planted (pictures tomorrow) except the blue. The primrose has to go first - it's lovely and aggressive and fills a space well, but it's brilliant sunshine yellow, and it has spread directly behind the gold Stella D'oro lily (which isn't moving) and the clash is unfortunate. I've moved some of it to the other side of the garden, and the rest is getting the heave. There's already a cardboard box full at the end of the driveway and no takers at last check. This time next year I'll have enough to fix any regrets, so I'm being ruthless.

I've been top the gym already, taken out the trash and recycling, and just finished my second cup of coffee. Time to vacuum, mop the kitchen and sew for a few hours, then out to the yard for me. Tonight, fireworks!

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