Thursday, July 22, 2010

Screech! Change of plans!

I got a call Tuesday night, a request, and my immediate response was "Absolutely! And what else can I do?" The 11 year old daughter of a friend and teacher at our school was diagnosed last week with cancer. ELEVEN FREAKING YEARS OLD!!! In addition to all the other heartbreak and stress this no doubt brings, there will be a big fat treatment bill, and the push is on now, early, to start raising as much money as we can throw their way. I was asked if I could help, to put together a quilt maybe, for a raffle? Absolutely yes! Coming right up.

Just the other day I was digging through the scrap bin(s) thinking I really, REALLY need to do something with it all. Strings? Got 'em. So a string quilt it is. Scrappy, light on one side, dark on the other, laid out in a Log Cabin barn raising setting. I've already started it. And how convenient of Joann to have packaged batting 50% off this week?