Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh, it was divine!

A lifetime ago, when I worked for CC - Apple computer supplier to school boards and celebrity authors and big business at Richmond and McCall in downtown Toronto, I had a couple of regular lunchtime excursions. Sometimes I'd walk up to Pizza Pizza and get a slice (huge) and walk back to the office eating it. Other days I'd wander over to the little hole-in-the-wall doughnut shop (I'm sure it's long gone) across from MuchMusic and linger over a fried egg sandwich and coffee.

Occasionally I'd walk all the way up to City Hall get a hot dog and watch the black squirrels. And sometimes, when it was really stinkin' hot, I'd make my way to the counter of the little convenience store just kitty corner to Dan Aykroyd's restaurant (whose name escapes me) and get a frozen yogurt. Peach and raspberry.

This yogurt was not like TCBY or that DQ wannabe they offer at McDonalds. This was REAL yogurt, frozen in bricks, then blended in a clunky machine with the frozen fruit of your choice. It was divine! It's been 20 years, and last night, it was just a blink ago.

This comes mighty darn close

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