Thursday, August 05, 2010

Some updates

Did I mention all the blocks for Nic's quilt are done? Well they are. I can start assembling that top whenever the mood strikes.
The quilt for Ellie, the fundraiser scrap quilt is not due until late winter/early spring, sooooo... the pressure's off there. I need to make 36 more blocks - it'll be 80" x 80", so 100 blocks. I've got lots of scraps, lots of time, so no problem there either.

And then there's my garden. The Cucurbita crops are (mostly) taking kindly to their trellised growth - the butternut buttercup squash seems particularly happy being up, out of the clutches of the pumpkin (on whose trellis I gave up.)
There are lots of tomatoes, all green except for the daily dose of cherries, but they're coming. (And all at the same time, by the looks of it.) I'll can what we don't eat or give away. Maybe August will be cooler than July. I can hope.

There were a couple of volunteers in the not-corn bed, so I left them. I picked up some green and banana pepper plants when the garden center closed last week. Mine (and everyone else's too it seems) are doing pathetically this year. I had room...

The serranos and chilis on the other hand - great guns there. I'll pickle a few jars of these, dry some of the chilis, and then hope I can find someone who wants the rest. These chilis are super hot, not Scotch Bonnet hot, but plenty hot for us pasty white snow dwellers.

The serranos are a little more than jalapenos, but not too much more. They'll be nice on pizza and sandwiches.

See the picture at the top of this post, though? that's where I head when the vegetables and the quilts and the noise gets to be too much. A book, a cold drink, a half hour... that's better.

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