Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Could it really be this easy?

Last week I had lasagna on the menu. Unfortunately, upon assembly, I realized that the ricotta had not been sealed properly, and half of it was crusty and gross. Also, I was out of lasagna noodles. Since I am trying trying to shop less, I figured I'd do with what I had and we ended up with a sort of baked ziti (with rotini, oops) instead. No biggy, though I'd really been looking forward to lasagna.

Yesterday, those helpful, helpful elves in my email sent me a link to something that linked to this. How to Make Ricotta. For serious! The grocery store often marks down milk a day or two before it expires, and cream as well. And ricotta freezes! I'm all over this, the next time I come across cheap milk. Woohoo! No more dry baked pasta. Yum!

And speaking of easy, I've returned to the Monday soup/bread tradition. Yesterday I made no knead bread (or rather, it practically made itself!) I love that recipe, and I have to tell you, taking the lid off the pot at the 30 minute mark - it's like Christmas! And then eating it, it's like Christmas dinner! Oh and did I mention easy? Simple food - yum.

Today is my volunteer morning at school, and this afternoon, weather willing, I'll keep moving on the garden clean-up. I got the rose bush and the chrysanthemums planted yesterday, a half hour or so before the skies opened. Heh, my timing isn't usually that good.

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Wilma NC said...

That looks great!!!! I'm going to try that one. Love homemade bread.