Monday, September 13, 2010

Completely voluntary

So this little tomato, bigger than a cheery tomato, smaller than a tennis ball, is a freebie. The plant came up voluntarily in the bed where the corn refused to grow. The plant is covered with siblings, actually, but I fear the weather won't permit ripening. We'll see, though.

Hybrid tomatoes do not grow true to the parent plants, so I really don't know what this was. Clusters like the fancy on-a-stem tomatoes from the grocery store, but smaller than your average produce department buyer is looking for. Tasty, though - I enjoyed this little sweetie with my supper last night.

The elves that live in my email server informed me this week that "Fall is a Great Time to Plant!" Personally, I think "When I have The Opportunity is a Great Time to Plant!" They also told me to stop in and see that Lowes has fruit trees, waiting patiently for me and my credit card. Maybe I'll go spring 'em later this week. I did grab a couple of little chrysanthemums to swap into the planter for the pink and white frothy stuff that screams that summer is over. It really is. And a poor little shrub rose from the "Save Me" section to replace the one that didn't survive the move last summer. I'm a sucker for a dead plant a clearance sticker.

Of course all bets are off if it rains as threatened today. In that case, I have plans to sew. Seriously. Imagine that.

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

i truly wish i had a bit of your green thumb...even a section of snipped nail.