Sunday, September 12, 2010

oh. hi.

Sorry. Have I been away? No. Have I been busy? Not really. Have I been totally disconnected and scattered? Yeah, more or less. I'll try harder. Things get done when I make myself accountable, and this blog is accountability. So.

Last Week


Sew 30 minutes every day - no
refine monster purse pattern - no
Pull fabric for Daniel's quilt - no


Monday - Labor Day!
Friday - Innisbrook kickoff

steam clean carpets - no
begin retaining wall in corner - no
weed - harvest - garden things.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - September 12 - 25

Sunday - grilled pork loin
Monday - Pasta e fagioli & homemade bread
Tuesday - swedish meatballs boiled potatoes
Wednesday - spaghetti and meat sauce
Thursday - chicken adobo
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers and oven fries
Sunday - Grilled chicken breasts
Monday - Soup and bread
Tuesday - Fried Rice & egg rolls
Wednesday - goulash
Thursday - pork chops
Friday - pizza
Saturday - brats & egg noodles

(let's try this again)

Sew 30 minutes every day
refine monster purse pattern
Pull fabric for Daniel's quilt


Monday - HS Picture Day
Tuesday - PTO
Friday - Homecoming
steam clean carpets
begin retaining wall in corner
weed - harvest - garden things.

That's all I've got. More tomorrow, though.

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