Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ahhh, a day off

The kids have no school today and tomorrow - teachers' contracted time off. I didn't get up until 7, I only just got dressed, and I think I'll go rummage around in the kitchen for some food shortly. I've got enough laundry done for today, supper's an easy one. Maybe I'll fire up the Netflix and download a movie. The binding is attached to both big quilts, so I can sit and hand stitch in the evenings, or while I watch Netflix movies.

Rita (shop owner whose machine I quilted them on) is busy with a local quilt show this weekend, so I will wait until next week to schedule the quilting time for Danielle's quilt. No rush. There's still 2 months before Christmas and I can get it done in an afternoon. Next year, just one Christmas quilt - for Simon, and I think actually, only one a year after that. My niece Amanda announced her engagement last month, though, and another has been working toward that goal with her boyfriend for a few years now (they're cash only people, so they don't do anything without saving for it. They want to buy a house to move into when they marry.) I think I won't do wedding quilts but *will* add babies to the gift lift. Plenty o'time.

It's raining, so any outdoor plans I had are out the window. I'm not sure I had any, anyway, beyond throwing the boys outside when the volume gets too high in here. No reason I couldn't do that anyway. heh.

So begins my lazy day. Like I said, ahhhhhhh.

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