Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've been up for about 1/2 hour and just looked at the thermometer. Well, yes, the garden's done. It's still dark out, will be for at least another 20 minutes or so. I love this time of day. I can hear stirrings upstairs, but no one's down here yet to interrupt my morning rituals - kettle bubbling in the kitchen, laundry bouncing in the dryer. In a few minutes, coffee while I watch the sky lighten. And then the noise comes downstairs and the day gets in gear.

I got the binding on Nic's quilt yesterday, and I hope I'll have a few minutes today to attach Ellie's. I shouldn't call it that - the quilt probably won't be her's, but calling it the raffle quilt is clunky. Soon, though, I can just call it done.

Today: volunteer in the library this morning, then home to make sure Scott's up for a meeting. He didn't make it to bed until almost 5. But he's a night owl and can do that - I was just about ready to get up. Morning's my time. This afternoon maybe gym, maybe not (I went yesterday.) Some sewing (that binding), then I think I'll haul out to the garden to get the rest of it cleared. I wish I had a trailer that towed behind my tractor. That'd make life a whole lot easier.

*heh, just ordered one. This afternoon, not yardwork - I'm going to pick up my new cart!

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Wilma NC said...

I love morning time the best too. I got up at 6, turned on the coffee, washed my hair, and now reading blogs.