Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm within a few feet of the end of the binding on Nic's quilt. If I finish this (when I finish this) I'm going to have to start something else! Ack! I guess until Danielle's quilt is ready, it's monsters and Santa hats. And aprons. Never a dull moment.

Today is my volunteer morning at the Elem School, tomorrow I've got a run in to town planned. Thursday? Dunno, laundry and vacuuming maybe. My life is thrilling, isn't it? I think Saturday morning (weather willing) we might head to the Weybridge Corn Maze. We would have gone with the Boy Scouts a few weeks ago, but somebody decided he'd rather lounge around in his underwear and play Lego Star Wars.

It's Scott's birthday today too. Happy birthday honey! Chicken Cordon Bleu, scalloped potatoes, and chocolate cream pie. Maybe I need to see if I can fit an hour at the gym in today too!

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