Friday, October 08, 2010

Let's go to the fair!

All week (well, since Tuesday) I've noticed a recurring theme in the status of some of my Facebook friends. These are all childhood friends, many of whom have not left the area we grew up in. "Going to the Fair tonight!" "Beautiful day for the fair" "Go WDHS!" This afternoon, a friend who lives in Montreal posted that he too was heading home to the fair. Waaah! I wanna go!

The Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show opened for the 170th time on Tuesday. And just like when I was a kid, every school child in Norfolk County got the day off on Wednesday, and a free pass to the fair. The local high schools compete against one another in cheerleading, track, tug-o-war, and overall exuberance. It's a great day to be young and rowdy. Ahhh, to be 17 again... (no thanks)The High School my sister's daughter attends, Holy Trinity, seems to have won the cheerleading competition this year. Upstarts. Holy Trinity didn't even EXIST when I was that age. ;o) No word on the tug-0-war results, but Holy Trinity seems to have cleaned up in the track events too.

(yes, Teri, my niece goes to a Catholic High School - maybe we were switched at birth)

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