Saturday, October 09, 2010

Brrrr! I love it!

It's almost chilly this morning. And windy. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! There is widespread hard frost predicted for overnight, so my tomatoes and peppers may be done for. That's okay. It's gotta happen eventually. I'll cover them, but I won't cry (much) if they don't make it. 21ยบ is a lot of cold to keep out.

I've got laundry flapping on the clothesline, and am going to vacuum as soon as *someone* ahem, picks up his various books, legos, and nerf weapons. He's been warned he has 8 minutes, then I'm going to "help" clean up. The mudroom is ready to be swept and mopped, garbage and recycling have been dealt with. Someone's taking away the mattress and box springs in the garage, then I need to run to the store to pick up some cheese for mac and cheese dinner. After that, it's all sewing time, bay-bee! Or something like that.

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