Sunday, October 03, 2010

A week of Mondays

Last Week

(let's try this again)

backs for Nic's, Danielle's, and Ellie's quilts
Sew 30 minutes every day

Monster purses - at least 6 more
Pull fabric and decide pattern for Daniel's quilt


Monday - Thursday - Sub Warner all day
Friday - Sub Williams all day
steam clean carpets

begin retaining wall in corner - nope
continue garden cleanup - oh no.

So despite working every day last week (your job Sarah? You are WELCOME to it! and they need to pay you more) I managed to get a few things done. Did I *really* sew every day last week. Nope, but I spent at least 3 hours yesterday piecing backs and finishing a little project with those extra blocks for Ellie, and another hour picking the paper off the backs of blocks in Danielle's quilt (oops, forgot about that), so I'm going to award the points on a technicality. And I plan to get some more sewing done today too. Progress! I could have sat down and churned out a bunch of purses, but since my scheduled time on the mid-arm is the end of next week, getting those backs done (and the paper off, blech) was more pressing. Not so impressive a picture, but oh well.

Also, in between students and classes and home exhausted time last week, I did this-> No, I didn't do all the sales myself, but I processed the sales that everyone else in the school did. Our big annual fundraiser ended on the 27th, and from Monday to Friday afternoon, I got the majority of the paperwork done. There is another parent that helps, but she's raising her daughter alone and works long hours, so her ability to help is limited. I appreciate every bit of it, though! See that Grand Total number? We'll get half of that. Not too shabby for an economically struggling community and only 100 participants. There will probably still be a few stragglers, and we might even hit $10,000, and that makes me really happy. This is really the only opportunity our PTO has to raise the money we use to support the school through the rest of the year. And, whew! It's just about done.

There was no garden work to be done this week. It rained. A lot. My friend Betsey took this great shot of the dammed off "dry" area where Green Mountain Power has been doing some extensive work on the 100+ year old hydro-electric plant feed tubes and turbines. Um, dry? not so much. I wonder how much time and money this will set them back. In the background of the picture you can see the "parking lot" and "walking trails" of Falls Park.

This week, no work, but yes, school. Tori's class is walking to Middlebury to raise money to support a number of local causes. The senior class does this every year while some of the lower grades do their NECAP testing. Those not in testing grades go out into the area to provide community service, as a requirement for graduation and to help them become more invested in where they live. Win, win, win (well, except those poor slubs doing testing...) So, over 3 days we're walking 20 miles. At least the weather should be nice, and I won't need to go to the gym.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - October 3 - October 16

Sunday - pot roast
Monday - beef barley soup
Tuesday - grilled brats, oven fries
Wednesday - lasagna
Thursday - pigs in blankets
Friday - pizza
Saturday - baked mac and cheese
Sunday - Turkey, stuffing
Monday - turkey soup
Tuesday - hot turkey sandwiches
Wednesday - spaghetti and meat sauce
Thursday - chicken and dumplings
Friday - pizza
Saturday -steaks, baked potatoes


back for Nic's quilt
finish picking paper out of Danielle's quilt
Sew 30 minutes every day
Monster purses - at least 6 more
Pull fabric, begin sewing Daniel's quilt


Monday - Gym w/Donna @9
Tue-Thurs - HS Senior walk to Middlebury
Wed - lunch w/Kathy
Wed - Scott dentist
Saturday Tori SAT
begin retaining wall in corner (unlikely)
cover remaining plants or pull rest of the garden

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