Thursday, November 04, 2010

Christmas on Thursday, 2010 edition

Okay, so let's right get down to it, shall we? All my Christmas quilt making, except for the labels, is done. I finished the binding on Danielle's on Monday, and boy is it a bright one. I do like it, though. It's called Persist, mostly because I needed to keep telling myself to stick with it when I couldn't get the pattern right, when I had to switch to paper piecing (which I don't enjoy), when I ran out of the purple center fabric with 3 blocks to go (I subbed in another and you can't even tell), when I realized the weekend before I had scheduled time to quilt it that I'd forgotten to take the paper off, when I realized that squaring my backing had left me with *exactly* enough to meet the edge of the top, and not a whisker more . . . Also, what 16 year old girl doesn't need all the cheerleading support she can get? So persist, Danielle - you can do ANYTHING! (except maybe sleep under this very bright thing!)

Nic's quilt doesn't have a name. That's the red and white quilt from last week. I'll ponder that before I get a label on it. And Ellie's quilt (I know, not Christmas) doesn't have a name or label yet either. It will likewise get both. Soon.

Speaking of Not-Christmas quilts, I have all the 9 patches done for Daniel's quilt yesterday. I'll have to see what I have for sashing. He says he likes red. Good, I have red. In spades. I think I'll put a flannel back on it - also good, I have flannel too. Also in spades.

I have sewn all the monster coin purses that I had cut. Let's see... 30 of them. Some are done, like this guy. Some just need the eyes sewn on, others need turning and still others are just as they came off the machine - thready, untrimmed, inside out. Those will get finished this week. (That's Daniel's quilt in the project box he's leaning against.) Marilyn, recognize the fabric?

I'm regretting not having taken the time to cut the dozen(!) plush fur Santa hats for handbags. The weather was cool, but dry and still - I could have done them outside and saved a vacuuming (that fuzz goes everywhere.) Maybe there will be a chance next week.

Til then, ho ho ho!

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Wilma NC said...

Love the monster purse, lol.