Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daniel's Ears

Two weeks ago, as I was putting the last stitches in the binding of my niece's quilt, Daniel tucked himself under a corner of it and asked who it was for. When I told him, he replied, sadly "my ears were hoping you were going to say Daniel." Okay. Time's up. So Daniel's quilt went into high gear, immediately thereafter.

Done. He slept under it last night, and come down this morning saying he'd had the best sleep ever. Is it anything special? Design-wise? Nope, it's a sashed nine-patch, super simple. Materially? Uh, no. I bought NOTHING for this, it's all scraps. But special? Absolutely.

Begun in earnest November 3, finished and slept under November 19th. Not a record by any means, but pretty darn quick nonetheless. And he says it's perfect. So it is.

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

I would add 'priceless' too.