Thursday, November 18, 2010

So here's a bold statement

I will have everything for the craft fair DONE by next Thursday's post. Everything. That will give me 8 days to either decide that I need more of something (I doubt it) or to just relax and dream of the ways I'll spend the hundreds of dollars I'll rake in. A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I slay me!

Anyway, as promised, pictures.

Here's the Christmas fabrics I ordered for aprons. Three of them are cut out, ready to sew. The other three will happen this week. My little duct tape Daniel is cleaned up and ready to go model aprons at the show. I'll have seven of them, more if I chose to find the time after next week. Finding time will also mean finding time to buy the fabric, since, as I said last week, my stash is getting a little skimpy on yardage. I can probably come up with something, but there's no panic.

Next, the crayon rolls I found downstairs. 12 of them. I could make some pencil rolls, or marker rolls, but eh. If I feel like it. They're fast and scrappy. And I have everything I need handy downstairs.

Here's a selection of monsters. They're done, bagged, ready to go. 30 of these hungry cuties. They look better with their zippers, er, mouths open.

There are a couple of pincushion chickens too, but I think I'll just take a pass on those. No one's interested anymore. Also, a box of fabric postcards. Maybe they'll come out, maybe not. And table runners. Meh. Maybe, maybe not.

Still need to get to those Santa hat bags too. Dumb weather.

Labels for the Christmas quilts? Yeah, today. I promise. Danielle's quilt is called Persist and will have the message "Silence those who will tell you what you cannot do, by showing them what you can." And Nic's? Let's go with Double Double. The Canadian flag is red and white, like the quilt. I'm sure Nic's not a coffee drinker, but double double is a Canadian expression for a coffee with double cream, double sugar. Also, since the blocks in this quilt each began with two whites, and two reds, I think it works. So there. Done except for the actual doing. ;o)

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