Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great plans, not so great follow-though

Last Week


Labels on finished quilts
assemble 6 Santa bags
finish all monster purses
Sew 30 minutes every day
piece top of Daniel's quilt


Sunday - truck snowtire install & oilchange
Monday - gym w/Donna @9
Monday - Daniel dentist
Tuesday - Project Grad meeting @6, PTO @6:30
Wednesday - desserts for rehearsal
Thurs-Sat - Tori @musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
Saturday - Musical reception (bring cider)

Fall clean up - rest of the yard,
take deck off mower, install snow blade, oil change
clean up garage for Scott's car winter storage.

fix the stupid garage door opener. Again.

Another full week. Tori finished up with the school musical last night, and she's soothing her sense of loss (and filling up all her newfound free time) with a shopping trip in town today. She took Daniel with her - maybe they'll get some Christmas shopping done. Now that there's an extra driver in the house, yes the insurance bill has gone up, but my time has freed up too. I'm not entirely sure it's a fair trade, but it's something.

The weather has held on for one more day, and that'll give me enough time to get outdoors done. I want to run the lawnmower around the raised bed (the clippings can go right onto the soil) and maybe cut some of the brush back that I didn't get to this summer. Or not. The garage light got "fixed" - I swapped the CFL bulb for a regular incandescent one. The fluorescents take so long to get to full light in the cold that the motion sensor timer shuts them off before they do any good! It's a small problem in cool evenings in the summer, but a big problem when it's 30ยบ and dark at 5:00 like it is now. So, eat the savings and install an old fashioned bulb. There's a genius challenge - a CFL that works in the cold. Or a dimmable LED. Another million dollar idea.

I still need to get the opener done. Inside the box on the ceiling is a toothed nylon gear that gets turned by the worm screw that powers the chain that lifts the door. The nylon gear is toothless. It's not a hard fix, but it's a multi-step up on a ladder process. Better to do when it's light out and not freezing cold. That would be today. Or, if I trust Dan Dowling, tomorrow or Tuesday. Since I have to skip my standing gym date with Donna tomorrow, I hope to make it to the gym Tuesday afternoon, so today it is.

Sewing - it continues, but with the nice weather it's hard to stay inside. Watch for more done on Thursday though. Right now it's all about Christmas.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - November 14 - 27

Sunday - tacos, nachos
Monday - zuppa toscana, breadsticks
Tuesday - breakfast for dinner
Wednesday - baked mac & cheese
Thursday - beef stew
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - chicken fingers/fish, french fries
Sunday - pork loin roast
Monday - beef barley soup, cheese bread
Tuesday - fried rice
Wednesday - baked ziti
Thursday - Thanksgiving - turkey, etc
Friday - pizza
Saturday - hot turkey sandwiches, leftovers


Labels on finished quilts
assemble 6 Santa bags
Sew 30 minutes every day
finish quilting Daniel's quilt
piece 1 table runner


Monday - truck snowtire install & oil change
Tuesday - Read for Rosa
Thursday - VSO @ elem school
Friday - Hair app't 11:30
Fall clean up - rest of the yard
wash some windows?
fix the stupid garage door opener. Again.

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