Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Well, there's your problem

Well, there's one of your problems, actually. This week is not going so well - fix one thing to reveal another problem - that sort of deal. Sigh.Three hours, a trip to the hardware store and two bleeding cuts later, the garage door now goes up and down. What it doesn't do is stop. Up 'til it hits the bolt in the rail, then down 'til it hits the floor, lather, rinse repeat. My clever little brain nis telling me there's an issue with a little piece called a "limiter." That's today's job. Also, the truck now has 4 shiny new dirty old snow tires on, and 5 quarts of fresh oil. And the hood won't stay latched. Cue wire brush and WD40. Also today. Rain and cold are due tomorrow - last chance to get any last minute yard work done? Today!

Sunday afternoon I left my purse outside. Sunday night it rained.

Yesterday I stitched together Daniel's quilt for close to 5 minutes with an empty bobbin.

We ran out of cat food. Last night. (this morning is loud and unpleasant, store doesn't open until 8)

I picked up the Boy Scout popcorn last night. Everyone's order was there but ours, it's backordered. My solution was, of course, to eat 1/2 bag of SmartFood. That stuff is seriously misnamed -- I feel a little nauseous this morning.

There's more, but I'll shut the lights off on the pity party now. I've got things to do.

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

why do 'they' make gears from plastic?? i know, just so we spend more....not a very green way to go in any direction if you ask me. i admit i can't picture you with a purse, wet or dry. a tool belt, yeah.