Monday, November 01, 2010

Hit the Ground Running

I'm a morning person anyway, but today I'm hitting the ground in 3rd gear. It's still dark out, not quite 7, and I've got three loads of laundry folded and ready to go upstairs, I've picked up the living room and tidied the kitchen. The dishwasher and the washer are both in mid-cycle, and as soon as the kids are ready, we're out of here. Why? Well, the car needs it's annual inspection done this morning (7:30 drop off), I need to head down to Daniel's classroom to pick something up before class starts (at 8:00) and I'm meeting Donna at the gym after picking up the car (9:00) I've got sewing planned, soup to assemble, and bread to bake.

But the real reason? I can't miss the opportunity to spend several hours outside getting the place winter-ready. Yes it's cool, but that's easy to dress around. It's that shining ball of hot gas I'm loving. It's been raining (and snowing) for days, and the leaves finally finished falling, soooo....

I'll be scarce the next few days. But Thursday? Woohoo! Do I have pictures for this week's Christmas wrap up! See ya!

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