Friday, December 17, 2010

Enough wallowing

I've been pissy for two weeks now, and while I certainly believe some of the things that set me off balance were irritation worthy, I'm done with wallowing.

This morning I found myself in a horrible mood, and I'd had enough. What exactly was it that was bugging me? Well, a couple of things.

1. My house is a mess. My house, lately, is always a mess, and it makes me crazy. Yelling doesn't help. Whining doesn't help. Nothing seems to help, so I suck it up, and clean it up myself. Again. I can't leave it, I just can't.

2. Noise. I hate it, and at this time of year there is ALWAYS noise. Television when it's too cold to play outside, carols in every store you go into, people, people, PEOPLE. Everywhere. I'm starting to sympathize with the Grinch. A lot.

3. I've eaten too much sugar in the past 3 weeks, most of which wasn't worth the headache, stomach ache, crappy feeling the next day.

4. Mental illness lives at my house. Short days and cold weather makes everything 100% more than it is (which is usually at least 100% more than it ACTUALLY is.)

5. My car decided that one of the coldest day of the month so far would be a great day for a flat tire. Or two. Snapped off valve stems (both of them!) flat, so not even something fixable in the parking lot of the elementary school at 8 o'clock in the morning the same week we downsized one vehicle. sigh.

Was that the cherry on that $#*! sundae? The thing that brought me to the edge of screaming this morning? Why no, that would be the dashboard alarm light that came on THIS morning, the same tire pressure warning light that came on yesterday when one, and then another tire decided to go south. After eyeballing all 4 wheels to determine there wasn't another stem issue, I trudged off to the hardware store for a tester and determined the rear driver's side tire was low. Ha! Not enough pressure? That was the only place in my life at that moment in time that felt it was lacking pressure. Fixed that right up, so far so good.

But, back to the point. Enough with the pity party. Everyone's gone home and it's time to clean up. Tomorrow, back to scraping together a couple of words or a picture every single day. I need to focus, and maybe unloading in small doses everyday will prevent the avalanche I just buried myself under.


QuiltingFitzy said...

How's about a hug? You got it babe. Get a good night's sleep, lay-off the sugar. Regroup, reorganize. You'll be fine, it'll be over in about 7 days. xo

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

I have a few mental cases living here too! Besides me that is. This morning, instead of being the bad guy over the newspaper-stoppage [been a month now that i stopped moms paper] I did the dishes....loudly. I felt much better! I have to admit that I am super thankful for my granddaughters...those girls may wear me out, but mostly because of laughing!

[noise thing? me toooo, hate the tv on tooooooo]