Saturday, December 18, 2010

I said every day, so here's today's

*I will not wallow* *I will not wallow*

I think Captain Crystal has go back to the vet. Because there's no happier way to drain your holiday savings than by writing the veterinarian a big fat check for sticking a tube up your cat's wiener and telling you there's really not a lot they can do except wait for this (literally) to pass. Before that can happen, though, I have to find him. We blocked off his old nearly-impossible-to-get-to hiding spot. Now we have to find the new one.


dee said...

Could I borrow a small cup of that not wallowing stuff? My house is a mess and I don't seem to care and I'm buried in paperwork...agh! Maybe I could come and hide with the cat??

Dorothy said...

Dee, I think you really don't want to do that. Not only did I find the cat and ferry him over to the spa, I mean vet, I signed the paper to have his penis removed. The poor guy's getting a sex change for Christmas!

You have every right to wallow - go ahead and soak in it for a little while. You'll know when it's time.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

hehehehehe...RocketMan [well, RocketIt] used to hide in the back of the towel cupboard, the kids hated smearing cat fur on their wet bodies. I thought it was hilarious! Of. Course.