Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Flashback

I put gas in the car this morning. When I was younger we used to have to make sure you had all the groceres you needed and the gas tank was full on Christmas Eve, since nothing NOTHING was open on Christmas. This year's scenario would have been especially trying in Ontario where I grew up since a) Christmas is on Saturday (closed for the holiday,) b) stores were not open on Sunday anyway, c) stores were ALSO closed Monday for the statutory Christmas holiday (employees were entitled to a REAL day off, and Saturday, not being a work day meant they got Monday) then perhaps even d) the statutory Boxing Day (26th) holiday. That meant, potentially, no gas, no groceries, certainly no mail until Wednesday, and then everything closed early again Friday afternoon for New Years. I'm not sure we're organized enough these days to pull it off.

I saw the other day that Old Navy and Toys R Us were staying open 24 hours this week until tonight. You know, for those last minute Barbie and sweatpants emergencies. Sheesh.

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