Thursday, December 23, 2010

The night before the night before Christmas

It's chilly and snowy today, I'm on my second pot of tea. :o) There is not much Christmas prep going on around here. I'm of the mind that it will happen whether I'm "ready" or not, so why stress? I had headed out earlier today but got sidetracked by a latte, then looked at the slow moving traffic and guessed I'd be happier at home. I was right!

<-it looked nothing like this

Tomorrow I'll run out and get some last minute groceries (once I figure out what it is I'm going to make Saturday) then come home, put on my jammies, pour myself something cold (or warm) to drink and refuse to budge for the rest of the day. Well, refuse to leave the house at least. Or at least put up a mighty resistence. Maybe I'll just sit in my chair and grumble.) I'm turning into an old coot.


Wilma NC said...

Home is my favorite place.

dee said...

Homebody here too. Merry Christmas Dorothy.