Saturday, January 29, 2011

aaaaaand pause.

Oh dear. I set myself the task of getting all the 4 patch sub-units done this week. I did. And then some. All the sub units are done, all the blocks are done, and as much sashing as I could do is done. While I didn't run out of Kona black (remember that GREAT sale at Joann about 5 years ago?) I ran out length - I still have about a yard or so, but the piece I had wasn't long enough to cut the long strips. So I cut what I could, I ordered more, and now I wait.

So I'll start on Jill's grand-baby grand daughter! quilt while I wait. This is the general idea, only pinker. It'll be just 36" square, so quick and colourful. I'll go root around in the bins later today to see what I've got.

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