Sunday, January 30, 2011

In a month, it'll be March

Wow. That really doesn't seem so far away! Of course it's snowing and 16º right now, but there's hope.

Last Week

continue raffle quilt

Monday - Gym
Monday - In service
Tuesday - Sub Warner 1/2 day
Tuesday - Daniel field trip
Saturday - Tori winter ball

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm at a stall with the raffle top. No big deal. I pulled some scraps yesterday, bright tending toward girl colours, and will begin cutting perhaps today. I'm making a real effort to find some time to sew every day, and I like that things are getting done.

And speaking of getting done, about the middle of this month I decided there would be no spring cleaning this year. Instead, every weekend, another room gets a good top to toes cleaning. First off was the front hall and stairs up. It's not a big space, but it took about an hour and half. Every corner got vacuumed, every inch of wall, ceiling, baseboard got dusted and all the clutter got moved elsewhere. Last weekend was the living room (2 hours) and yesterday the kitchen. Next week it's either the mudroom or (gasp) my desk area. I think the mudroom. Cleaning my desk is a project that, frankly, terrifies me.

So, it's warmed up to 20º. I need to get dressed and walk up to the drugstore, then I have to try and find my TurboTax discs. Maybe I *should* clean my desk this week. We'll see.

Next Week

Dinner Menu - January 23 - February 5

Sunday - Beef Stew
Monday - Sausage & white bean soup
Tuesday - Mac & cheese
Wednesday - Groundhog Day! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes
Thursday - spaghetti
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - pigs in blankets
Sunday -Pork roast
Monday - cheese and broccoli soup
Tuesday - Pancakes
Wednesday - Mac & Beef
Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - burgers

continue raffle quilt when fabric arrives
Begin Jill's quilt

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Groundhog Day!
Thursday - Tori orthodontist 8:40
Friday - Daniel Cubs
Schedule Dr, dentist appt, Staff Appreciation meeting.

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