Saturday, January 01, 2011

Eleven in '11

One resolution (that would be LIGHT, yes?) but let's shoot for eleven goals in 2011.

I will wake up every morning and spend *some* time, even if it's 3 minutes, fortifying my resolve for the day. "Today I will..." I often jump up and go, and find myself scattered and unproductive despite my need to hit the ground running. A moment's reflection at the beginning of the day should help.

I will have Simon's quilt finished in time to enter it into the county fair in August.

I will probably not lose as much weight this year as I want to, but any weight is better than none, so I will lose some. I'm gonna shoot for a realistic 18 lbs. When I get there, I'll reset the ticker and shoot for something even better.

I will save an extra $100 per month. My bank has added a cool new spending tracker feature to their website and I can plainly see, by their pie chart, where too much of our money is going. I think this is very doable, even with college in the fall.

The kitchen floor gets washed twice a week (whether it needs it or not *snort!*)

I will open an Etsy store.

One dinner a week will be meatless. (and my family will cry. tough.)

I will declutter - something goes EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for the whole year. I'll take a picture and share, even, just to stay honest. I will try my very hardest to be green about it - garbage is the last resort. But it's gotta be out of here, and NOT replaced. I have too much stuff!

what are we up to... 9?

I will grow my garden from seeds.

The front of the house will get finished this year. Everything to do it is here, I just have to make it a priority. I just did.

I will find a place for me. I spend too much time on the computer because there is not a place in my own house where I feel I can sit and still be close to my family but that is just mine. Maybe it's a chair in a corner, maybe it's a whole room. Regardless, I want, no, I NEED a space, and I shall find it.


Vicky~ stichr ~ said... don't have your own chair with your stuff around it? Woman you have been missing out!
Yes you must do this...put this at the top of the list...well, 2nd on the list.

Wilma NC said...

Keep me posted on your ETSY store. I would like to open one, but I'm not sure how it works. Good resolutions.