Sunday, January 02, 2011

Old Year, New Year

While I'm tempted to do one of those Year in Review posts that everyone seems to have put together over the last week, it's *yawn* dark and damp and I'm feeling particularly lazy, sooo, nah. Maybe later this week I'll figure out a slideshow or something.

Here we go...

Last Week


something. ANYthing!

Monday - Gym? - notsomuch
Tuesday - vet 2:40 - canceled
Wednesday - Ortho 3:40
Thursday - Hair appt 8:15
Happy New Year!!

My something, ANYthing sewing-wise didn't actually involve the sewing machine, not even needle or thread, actually. I came up with a design for Jill's g-baby quilt (due in April.) It's a scrappy thing, of course, and fast. She wants it smallish, this design is 36" square, and she asked me to wait until after the 11th of January when they should find out boy or girl. Ha! No problem - I just needed to get it out of my head. I have a 1 yard piece of Paddington Bear fabric that may or may not work perfectly on the back. Jill owns an online used book store, so the literary connection would make her smile, I think. But waiting until after the 11th is absolutely no problem, seeing as how it's waaaaaay down the list.

All the snow we had at Christmas is gone. It was foggy this morning in fact, as the melting snow evaporated. It's gloomy now, and damp. Seems like a good day to throw on a pot of chili. Maybe I'll do that now...

Next Week

Dinner Menu - January 2 - January 15

Sunday - pork chops and fried potatoes
Monday - chicken noodle soup, rolls
Tuesday - baked potato bar
Wednesday - My Birthday! Roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans
Thursday - baked ziti
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - bbq chicken sandwiches
Sunday - Shepherd's Pie
Monday - Cheese and broccoli soup, home made bread
Tuesday - Quiche Lorraine, salad
Wednesday - Spaghetti w/marinara
Thursday - Crick Pot chicken and stuffing
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Cheese burgers, oven fries

Dig out fabrics to begin raffle quilt

Monday - Gym?
Monday - Back to school!
Monday - Simon hair cut
Friday - Project Grad basketball game
Friday - Daniel cubs
Saturday - Daniel haircut

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