Monday, January 03, 2011

I don't, apparently, know how to do a slideshow

But on the other hand, I managed to accomplish all of this last year!
Winter quilt for my mudroom (40" square). I should probably get that put up again, and take down Christmas.It's squarer than it looks. Finished an orphan authentic 30s top rescued from eBay (70"x40"ish). Backed with flannel, it has become the couch favourite.I got a new nephew, Jeb, in March. He got this (40"x56")
Also March - for the school's Talent Show Silent Auction. I think it sold for around $100. (60" square)A quilt? No, but Tori needed a dress for prom. Asymmetry does not work on a hanger. A call in July, a quilt by Christmas. (It could have been done for sooner, but there was no rush) A friend's daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia - this big quilt (80" square)will be raffled at a fundraiser later this winter. I think. In the continuing lunacy labour of love that is my Christmas Quilt project, nephew Nic got this red and white one (72"x84"), and Danielle got this eye bleeder. I mean bright one(72"x84"). Danielle called to say she ADORED hers, Nic remains silent. Maybe there's something coming in the mail? Or maybe not. Whatever.Daniel's ears were hoping they'd hear me say the next quilt would be for him. So it was (80"x45"). And then, because I had a little extra time to breathe or something, I made a few things for the craft fair. 30 of these (big hit) A dozen of these (sold 2) and a million of these to help fund Simon's trip to DC later this month. There's about 9,999,975 left if anyone's interested...


Wilma NC said...

You accomplished quite a lot last year.
Love the dress.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

send me a few cup warmer thingies and i will pay pal you some $$, since i iou you anyway!!