Thursday, February 10, 2011


So, the side borders (there's another, and the picture is sideways) are cut long enough that I could add one more row of pieced blocks and black border, and make this quilt 42" x 72" instead of 42" x 62". But that yellow secondary pattern will be off. So my question is two-fold. Is a couch sized 62" long symmetrical quilt big enough? Or, would adding an extra row of blocks and unbalancing the symmetry of the be a better plan?


dee said...

personally, I'm big on symmetry and it seems like it would be big enough. It looks really good so why screw that up? How about larger borders?
I must commend you on this years groundhog. That is the best groundhog EVER.

Anonymous said...

I think 62" is sufficient. Even if you are six feet tall, it will still cover everything but your head!